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Skanska has worked closely with JLM Strategic Talent Partners (JLM) over the last 5 years in the Los Angeles market and during that time JLM has become a critical member of our team as they have provided top level talent quickly and efficiently to our heavy civil infrastructure projects. The goals and values of the JLM management team align well with Skanska and the talent they have brought to our team has been well trained, motivated, professional, dedicated and able to contribute to the success of the projects immediately. Skanska looks forward to a continued partnership with JLM in the years ahead!

Dan Shiraldi

Project Executive, Skanska

When our company first started in the San Diego area, we needed support to find great staff members, but we were unfamiliar with the area. Luckily, we found JLM Talent. JLM set themselves above the other staffing agencies by simply spending time getting to know the people on our project. By doing this, they knew who a great fit for all the personalities of the job would be. The JLM team always planned a head and looked for people even when we didn’t think we need another person; they were always ready to support the project. I can say that the project would have not been as successful if we wouldn’t have had JLM Talent part of our team! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us! I look forward to the next ones with you!

Amber Linger

Business Manager , MCTC

LaShondra Mercurius your company gave me the opportunity to get my foot in the door in the transportation industry in October of 2016. I interviewed with Jason after I was laid off from a smaller mom and pop construction company that was not thriving and had stopped going after new business. I was placed at the VTA BART extension job in Milpitas with Skanska. I had a great supervisor, Jorge Lambarena, who taught me all he knew regarding document control. He also empowered me to find answers for myself amongst my team rather than asking him every little question. I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could, even non document control related. I found it helped me understand what was being sent in all those documents I worked on every day. I was then promoted to document control manager on that project. I am now document control manager for the Caltrain Electrification project here in the Bay Area. I am completely myself here, whether in heels and a dress or jeans and tennies. I am confident in my abilities and I do my job well. I have found my voice and I use it to make a difference here. Thank you for giving me a chance!

Dana Zuccarello

Balfour Beatty




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