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JLM Strategic Talent Partners has been a workforce engagement and professional staffing partner focused on the construction industry for over a decade. We started with professional staff augmentation services for large projects, and as our industry expertise expanded so did our services.

We are now a strategic partner to our clients for augmentation of professional scopes of work as well as project-based cultural competency program/diversity and inclusion strategies and implementation.

Our project-tailored services create competitive advantage to win jobs , facilitate both traditional and alternative delivery of projects and mitigate project related risks.
As the industry leader in staffing for architecture, engineering,
and construction projects, JLM has 18,500+ pre-vetted, highly-skilled,
and available people ready to power your project within 7 days*.


  • 541613–  Marketing Consulting Services
  • 561320– Temporary Help Services
  • 541219–  Other Accounting Services
  • 561410–  Document Preparation Services
  • 561311-   Employment Placement Agencies
  • 541618–  Other Management Consulting Services (Project Controls)
  • 541611 –  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 611430–  Professional and Management Development Training
Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, metropolitan cities, and billion-dollar
infrastructure projects across the country for over a decade, including…

Our ‘Best-in-Class’ Story

JLM Helps To Build, Represent And Improve Our Industry

Over seventy years ago, an unfortunate byproduct of American city infrastructure planning and development was the segregation of poor communities from rich communities, division of races, and the perpetuating of inequity within communities and regions. Regardless of the intention, the result has led to harsh living conditions and political unrest in these areas ever since.

Today, there are billions of dollars worth of active and future infrastructure projects aimed at not only improving and expanding transit and access but offering the potential to correct many of these mistakes made generations ago.

With governments, owners, and clients demanding social responsibility from the companies they work with, today’s infrastructure projects are in the unique position of needing to both do their job well and positively impact the project’s community.

JLM’s role in reshaping the American story of infrastructure planning and development began more than a decade ago when the company was founded by LaShondra and Jayson Mercurius in 2011.

At that time, both had successful careers in the staffing industry and were ready for a major change and dove into entrepreneurship. The Co-Founders recognized not just the significant opportunity that was emerging in construction, infrastructure, and transportation – but the powerful role that a DBE-Certified company could play in reshaping the American story of infrastructure planning and development.

Under their leadership, JLM has been consistently growing year after year and has been a part of several impactful mega-infrastructure projects across the country. The company has expanded nationwide by building successful partnerships with projects in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, and more.

The continuing growth of JLM is made due to the team’s adaptability to change, and their creative and progressive thinking. This approach drives the company to reinvent itself and offer cost-effective and technology-driven solutions while focusing on what it does best – relationship building with industry talent.

JLM is a national leader in providing the experience, insight, and integrity to a variety of organizations that are taking on community infrastructure programs to:

  • Connect people to the resources they need
  • Erase the dividing lines
  • Create a more inclusive, healthy world
  • Improve communities by upskilling the local workforce
  • Invest back into the community

JLM’s role is to connect these projects with the qualified staff they need to make those changes, and to partner with these companies and organizations to drive change.   

Municipalities and organizations come to JLM both to work with a DBE-certified company, and for the exceptional reputation that we have for finding and training world-class, local talent. 

From our upskilling efforts to our advocacy to our unrivaled offering of talent, JLM stands alone as both the best-in-class infrastructure and transportation staffing company in the country, and a major force for change in the world.

This is something we’re proud of today and excited about the legacy we’re helping leave for tomorrow.

Our Vision

JLM is the industry leader in employing people for infrastructure projects that foster hope, dignity, and economic prosperity in communities across the country.

Our Mission

JLM delivers exceptional talent and advocacy to fuel innovation and transform lives in every community we work with.

The Team

Meet the JLM leadership team behind every successful talent placement and hire:

LaShondra Mercurius

President & Co-founder

  • Inc. 5000 Award Recipient
  • Co-founder, Career Excellence Academy
  • Serves on the Work Force Development Board for the City of Los Angeles
  • Serves on the WTS (Women in Transportation) Steering Committee for the Women-Owned Small Business Roundtable
  • Serves on the VICA Scholarship Foundation Board

Jayson Mercurius

CEO & Co-Founder

  • 18 years in the staffing industry
  • Serves on the New Earth as a Board Chair
  • Serves on the VICA Scholarship Foundation Board
  • Founder of The Legacy Group

Karolina Olamendi

VP of Business Development

  • Program Facilitator at Career Excellence Academy
  • MS in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
  • MA in Liberal Arts and Women’s Studies
  • Member of WTS Phoenix Chapter, and WTS NY Chapter – part of the Small Business and Diversity Committee